Unite™ Salesforce

Achieve Better Connections To Your Customers, with eZuce Unite™ for Salesforce.com

Effective communications is at the core of all winning sales teams. It's also one of the cornerstones of great customer support and providing value to your customers. Helping your company win more customers and maintaining these key relationships is essential to your sales and support teams. And to successfully manage their account responsibilities, they most likely rely upon productivity tools such as Salesforce.com, the standard Customer Relationship Management platform for enterprises across industries.

Making Salesforce.com an even more effective tool by communications-enabling it, the eZuce Unite™ Salesforce.com® plugin gets the most out of your essential CRM tool by turning it into a real-time voice and social communications platform. Your sales and support teams will get more done in less time, close more sales and resolve cases quickly, enhancing overall service levels. When your teams are empowered with the optimal tools to reach customers in ways they choose to communicate, IT becomes the catalyst for enabling bottom-line improvements.

With the eZuce Unite™ Salesforce.com® Client, your teams can communicate with contacts using the embedded softphone client within the Salesforce user interface. There's no more toggling between a softphone client and Salesforce; making calls from within Saleforce is now as easy as the click of a button.

Much more importantly, all calls are automatically logged, making it easier to truly track all customer interactions. Most organizations find that many sales or support calls go unlogged, simply due to human error or lack of staff time to maintain accurate records. Whether you're using Salesforce.com just for sales, or for customer support, an accurate real-time record of all touchpoints makes it easier to close sales. It's also vital for ensuring that customer issues are resolved quickly and accurately. With real-time automated logging:

  • Your every contact with a sales prospect is registered with time and date plus duration, allowing sales to add any notes on the conversation. This makes it easy to track the progress from first contact to close, and is perfect for sales teams working in tandem.
  • Every conversation with an existing customer that is made out of Saleforce.com is automatically logged, with times verified and multiple options for notes. This makes it easy to facilitate escalation, track time to resolution, and alert to potentially unhappy customers with high support needs. If you're using Salesforce to manage customer relationships throughout the lifecycle, automated call logging is your closest ally in helping ensure customer satisfaction.

All of your operational teams including sales, customer support, marketing, and finance can now have direct dialing capability to their customer contacts to enhance the productivity benefits of Salesforcecom as eZuce communications enables your CRM system to realize its full potential