Enterprise Communications in the Cloud

Today's IT  infrastructure is moving to the cloud.

From data analysis to storage, bringing IT to the cloud offers enterprises flexibility, with the ability to scale up or down as needed, plus the ability to add functionality through integrated apps in a fraction of the time and cost of non-cloud deployments.

The one glaring exception until now has been communications infrastructure. Long the responsibility of facilities, not IT, communications has remained locked in a hardware-centric model based on old PBX systems. As IT increasingly takes over responsibility for voice communications, the need for a solution grounded in IT best practices is apparent. One that is fully integrated with IT workflows - software-based, not hardware-centric. One that's built for the cloud, offering virtualized communications infrastructure. One that's built on open standards and is ready for interoperability, looking toward the future of the cloud.

eZuce offers true open standards virtualized communications. Built for the cloud, eZuce solutions offer interoperability, run in an entirely virtual environment, and bring the future of the cloud to your enterprise today.