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John Drolet
On 07/25/13 8:48 PM
 OrecX recently issued a press release announcing it has successfully compliance-tested its recording software with eZuce openUC! This is a great opportunity to work with the world leader of open source call recording applications for call centers. OrecX shares our commitment to quality open source technology and our enthusiasm for innovative solutions! Together, we have just completed our first joint implementation at a U.S. financial services company and we look forward to our  read more ...
Martin Steinmann
On 07/24/13 6:16 PM
It is now a couple of months since we released openUC 4.6 and I thought you might be interested to hear about it.  As you know openUC 4.6 is a significant departure from the previous 4.4 architecture. We created an entirely new architecture for clustering and distributed redundancy, switching to MongoDB as the underlying database for openUC, while stretching scale to 100,000 users in a single cluster.   Our goal was to bring to market a software based unified communications and  read more ...
Martin Steinmann
On 07/06/13 10:48 AM
Since the WebRTC conference in Atlanta two weeks ago, the W3C working group driving the WebRTC specification is in disarray. A loud minority of peer-to-peer (P2P) developers took over the discussion in a firestorm of messages challenging the current specification together with the already existing implementations in Chrome and Firefox in a fundamental way. “We already have an API that is very much disagreed upon by those of us actually trying to use it now!” were some of the posts on the  read more ...
Christina Inge
On 06/25/13 9:39 PM
Andover, Massachusetts. June 25, 2013 — eZuce Inc., the leading provider of open enterprise communications solutions to large and midsize enterprises, has partnered with HP Cloud Services, a provider of enterprise grade cloud infrastructures. HP cloud offers an architecture based on OpenStack technology and with this announcement, eZuce’s openUC™ unified communications platform is both qualified for and compatible with its services. With openUC ™ fully tested and certified, the two  read more ...
Christina Inge
On 06/25/13 9:28 PM
More and more, teams from every corner of the globe are collaborating on projects big and small. For a project manager, this can seem like a challenge. Managing a remote, geographically dispersed project team is a different experience from managing people all in one place. But in reality, it is just that—different, not harder. In some ways, it can be easier, as the needs of communicating with people at a distance can make your project management more organized, clearer, and less focused on  read more ...