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Jerry Stabile
On 08/28/13 2:35 PM
Just arrived yesterday at the ITExpo Conference in Las Vegas! It looks like the TMC folks are expecting around 7,000 total attendees over the next few days.  The impact of virtualization on UC&C is a hot topic and I will be on a panel with Avaya and Adtran discussing the impact of this technology.  Other notable discussions included a session on Lync Migration strategies in which a  Microsoft Product Manager stated that Lync  lacked a lot of table stakes  read more ...
Christina Inge
On 08/15/13 4:59 PM
We've partnered with Fidelity Voice and Data  to bring a new cloud-based managed service product to market. The product is an all-in-one  cloud-based Unified Communications solution and Hosted PBX, fully supported by the two companies and offering Quality of Service (QoS) end-to-end on Fidelity’s network.     After extensive compatibility testing, Fidelity and eZuce have combined their services to create a top of  the line cloud communication product.  read more ...
Michael Picher
On 08/12/13 6:12 PM
Update 7 items are taking shape.  We hope to begin regression testing at the end of this week.  The following new features are included: Multi-Level Administration - openUC only This is a key feature required by MSPs and large companies.  Initial pass at multiple administrator levels. This will block out entire menu items only. Multi-Time Zones - openUC & sipXecs Support for users being in multiple time zones. Allow users to see their call history,  read more ...
Christina Inge
On 08/07/13 8:54 PM
Recently, I had the privilege of speaking on WebRTC’s promise at D4DBoston, held at MIT. Much of the post-session conversation centered on the promise of WebRTC for specific verticals, from medicine to gaming. After all, what often makes a technology reach wide adoption is when it finds that perfect vertical where its impact can be felt as transformative, not merely incremental progress. In terms of WebRTC, we’re all waiting for that transformative application.    Gaming  read more ...
Jerry Stabile
On 07/29/13 7:34 PM
Good news! ITExpo has invited me to represent eZuce in this year’s leading business and technology event. What a terrific way to be recognized as an industry thought leader. I am looking forward to taking part in an honored conference so focused on driving growth and innovation in the tech market. On August 28, I’ll be in sunny, fastpaced Las Vegas, sharing in a panel discussion on the business benefits of virtualized UC. We’ll explore how businesses are turning to the cloud in order to  read more ...