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Michael Picher
On 06/05/15 10:23 AM
eZuce's new Viewme Cloud Service offers a worldwide network of video servers. By leveraging cloud services from industry leaders such as Amazon, Google and IBM we are able to locate services close to users. The single biggest reason to offer services close to users is for much lower latency. Lower latency translates to better quality video experiences when having meetings that may span multiple continents. If a meeting has attendees from North America, Europe and Asia, users will  read more ...
Philippe Galvez
On 05/13/15 2:00 PM
Today, the Higher Education environment is becoming extremely competitive. Research and Education institutions are increasingly challenging their faculty, staff, and students to perform smarter, faster and be more productive. To maintain the competitive edge more time is spent working, researching, learning and engaging with people from both within your community and with other organizations scattered all over the world. This new distributed environment, coupled with an increasing mobile  read more ...
Michael Picher
On 04/29/15 3:28 PM
eZuce is pleased to announce general availability of openUC 15.04.   Following quickly on the heels of 14.10.1, the 15.04 release of openUC addresses a number of bugs and adds some additional functionality. The new version contains 20 enhancements and 40 bug fixes.   Customers should expect 15.05 and 15.06 releases and then we’ll slow down to a release cycle of bi-monthly (15.08, 15.10, etc.).  We’re working to find the right cadence for customers, developers and  read more ...
Jerry Stabile
On 04/27/15 6:00 AM
We are very excited to be attending the upcoming Internet 2 Global Summit in Washington, DC this coming week. The Summit is a great place to collaborate with a global community of research and education experts and leaders.   Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, president  of University of Maryland Baltimore County, will be a featured speaker in the General Session on Monday. UMBC is an early adopter of the I2 NET+ eZuce Viewme Visual Collaboration Service. The biggest challenge at the  read more ...
Mihai Costache
On 04/10/15 2:30 PM
Here is another entry to my hands-on series with a solution to record calls using The Open Source Enterprise Telephony Recording and Retrieval System - Oreka, as you all know we at eZuce love op en source software! I will be focusing solely on the technical aspects of the solution. Since openUC uses a purely SIP proxy environment, communication is point to point, and traffic should be captured between end devices. By using a switch with management, a port mirroring policy is enforced that  read more ...