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Michael Picher
On 11/05/14 2:30 PM
Join Phil Edholm of UC Strategies on Thursday, November 13 at 2pm ET as he presents the value of unifying communications across the enterprise. Register today! How important is architecture to your Unified Communications (UC) strategy? Architecture defines how the elements of a UC solution come together, how well the solution can integrate with other systems in your organization, how quickly new functionality can be integrated, and how the overall system is tested and validated. With  read more ...
Michael Picher
On 05/09/14 6:09 PM
Most companies are. Take Red Hat for example. The company’s business strategy is  dependent on the constant innovation of its IT services. Not surprisingly, their global network  services team is constantly looking for innovative ways to meet the needs of their internal  customers as well, so when faced with the challenge of providing a more cost-effective and  collaborative solution for their remote workers that could take full advantage of their SIP   read more ...
Michael Picher
On 01/30/14 10:54 AM
With the next release of openUC and sipXecs we'll be changing to a new release cycle and a new numbering scheme.   Feature releases will be limited to two per year, one in April and the other in October. After 2013's frenetic pace of updates that included new features this will be welcomed by many. We feel we're pretty close to where we need to be with respect to system features in the product so we'll slow down new feature introduction a bit and focus on refinement and  read more ...
Michael Picher
On 01/30/14 10:50 AM
Update 10 has been made available for openUC and sipXecs. This is a bug fix only release. openUC customers can see release notes here: openuc Release Notes  read more ...
Michael Picher
On 12/07/13 11:41 AM
'Blinky Lights', as I call them, are a challenge in large SIP systems.  These consist of BLF's (Busy Lamp Fields) and SLA's (Shared Line Appearances, also called BLA in other systems for Bridged Line Appearance).  Both are similar but different in openUC / sipXecs. A BLF shows when another user (line) is in use or DND.  For a user this is one of their speed dials with a subscribe to presence box checked.  A phone that has BLF's on it must subscribe to the other  read more ...