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Michael Picher
On 04/23/15 8:19 PM
eZuce's new Viewme Cloud Service offers a worldwide network of video servers. By leveraging cloud services from industry leaders such as Amazon, Google and IBM we are able to locate services close to users. The single biggest reason to offer services close to users is for much lower latency. Lower latency translates to better quality video experiences when having meetings that may span multiple continents. If a meeting has attendees from North America, Europe and Asia, users will  read more ...
Mihai Costache
On 04/10/15 2:30 PM
Here is another entry to my hands-on series with a solution to record calls using The Open Source Enterprise Telephony Recording and Retrieval System - Oreka, as you all know we at eZuce love op en source software! I will be focusing solely on the technical aspects of the solution. Since openUC uses a purely SIP proxy environment, communication is point to point, and traffic should be captured between end devices. By using a switch with management, a port mirroring policy is enforced that  read more ...
Michael Picher
On 03/22/15 8:49 PM
The eZuce team would like to officially announce that the beta for openUC 15.04 is ready.   Beta Release Notes:   If you'd like to do testing please use this repo baseurl:   There is no ISO yet.  Yum installation of a clean system on top of  read more ...
John Drolet
On 03/18/15 5:00 PM
The VaaS opportunity is here and the evidence to investigate the market is compelling. What are you waiting for? Offer your customers Enterprise class video collaboration functionality in an exploding market, and increase revenue! Why wouldn't you jump on this band waggon? Increase Revenue/Maximize Profit - VaaS enables service providers compelling opportunities for incremental revenue into both installed and new prospect accounts. Growing “as a service” creates consistent demand and  read more ...
Michael Picher
On 03/16/15 10:21 PM
Release 14.04.4   Summary   Several bug fixes that have been in the staged build for 14.04.3 for a while are being wrapped into the 14.04.4 release.  We decided to make this release available for those not ready to move to 14.10 yet (see separate announcement of 14.10.1).   In optimizing performance issues in release 14.04.3 some log file changes caused an over abundance of logging and log files to not get rotated properly, this can lead to disk space  read more ...